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From The Prey to The Black Phone, June has a variety of horror and thrillers coming to theaters and streaming this summer. Prepare to feel uneasy.
This June features a variety of thriller and horror movies and TV shows coming to the big screen throughout the month, including the highly anticipated horror film The Black Phone. Some movies qualify for multiple genres, including thriller, horror and comedy. June's releases are sure to provide the perfect amount of unsettling, creepy and overall entertaining media. Most of these films will be released in theaters, but Chris Hemsworth's Spiderhead and the BBC One series Chloe will both premiere on streaming services.
Featuring the beloved Danny Trejo, The Prey: Legend of Karnoctus hits theaters on June 3rd, 2022. The movie centers around a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan who become trapped in a cave. They are eventually hunted down by a deadly creature that would scare almost any viewer. Creature features have their solid place in horror and thriller films, but adding machine guns and trained soldiers into the mix could make for an interesting and entertaining film.
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Starring Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart, Crimes of the Future is the newest body horror film to hit theaters. The story centers around the concept that the human species will adapt to their environments enough to cause transformations and mutations. This film features a horrifying metamorphosis that's unsettling while maintaining a classic horror tone. Crimes of the Future is considered by critics to be an artsy film with a good amount of gross body horror that straddles the line well.
From IFC Films and Shudder, Watcher showcases the fear one woman feels when she realizes someone has been watching her from the building across the street. The young American woman moves to Romania and feels isolated in a new country where she's not familiar with the language. The psychological thriller has an overall positive response from critics, who commented on the chilling tone throughout the film. Maika Monroe plays the lead role, and she's had high critical acclaim for her past performance as a scream queen in the iconic 2014 film It Follows.
The Norwegian film Wild Men covers a variety of genres, including comedy, thriller, and horror. The plot follows a man named Martin, who attempts to recover from his midlife crisis by traveling into the forest. During his venture, he meets Musa, who leads him on a spontaneous trip where they deal with police and drug runners. The two men slowly develop a friendship, and Martin learns many lessons about his concept of masculinity. Wild Men has an overall great reception from critics, claiming the film is an interesting — but sometimes unsettling — adventure.
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Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett star in a science fiction thriller called Spiderhead, which premieres on June 17th, 2022. The premise of the film features two convicts who have agreed to volunteer for experimentation to reduce their prison sentence. The emotion-altering drugs work too well, causing one of the convicts to fall in love with another. The prisoner then desperately attempts to break out of the prison to save his fellow prisoner. Hemsworth plays the villain of the film, showcasing a different side many viewers haven't seen from him before.
The BBC One and Prime Video series Chloe follows Becky, who compares herself to people on Instagram, compulsively following one picture-perfect life in particular — Chloe. One day, Chloe dies, and Becky is obsessed with finding out the truth about the sudden death. The psychological thriller series has received positive ratings from critics, who claim the show adds extra layers to the classic "murder mystery" trope in media. Becky is unhappy with her life and finds herself thrilled by the investigation of uncovering what happened to Chloe.
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The black comedy horror film Flux Gourmet features a group of experimental performance artists. They're known for their disturbing music that's created by the sounds of food. An outsider is tasked with recording the artists while they're living in a remote artistic institution. The outsider slowly discovers he has become part of their collective over time, joining in the weird and exotic ideals. Critics have responded well to the film, but there is a warning to steer clear if your gag reflex is easily triggered.
Finally, the highly-anticipated Ethan Hawke supernatural horror film The Black Phone will come to theaters in late June 2022. The film has 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which adds to the anticipation of the film so far. The Black Phone follows a young baseball pitcher who is the sixth child to go missing in a suburban Colorado town. The young boy wakes up in a soundproof room, realizing he's trapped, and the only device in his reach is a disconnected phone. The phone can transmit the voices of the Grabber's previous victims, and the boy's sister has psychic dreams about her brother that send her looking for him. Ethan Hawke has made a significant comeback this year in TV shows and movies, so The Black Phone is sure to leave audiences with another great performance.
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