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There’s no escaping Bollywood music, be it at home or on the radio or television, voluntarily or involuntarily, we’re bound to come across popular tunes, and may even catch ourselves humming them once in a while. But do we always have our lyrics in place? More importantly, are we always sure we’ve heard the song exactly the way it’s meant to be?
While the answer to this would be yes, most of the times, there are occasions when we would have heard something quite unrelated to the song, and no matter how many times we hear it again, something just doesn’t ring right. This is the genesis of ‘misheard lyrics’.
A quick Internet search would show several hapless souls like us who ‘mishear lyrics’, and more often than not, the result is hilarious.
From VJ Hose Covaco to the folks in IIT Delhi, they have all misheard lyrics. We bring you the choicest ones, and hope you can relate.
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