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While Thanksgiving doesn’t have the same flashy reputation as Christmas when it comes to holiday programming, there are still plenty of festive television specials and shows to watch this season.
Amazon’s Prime Video is home to a whole slew of children’s shows, like the If You Give A Mouse series, Regular Show and Wild Kratts, all of which offer special episodes for the holiday season. There are also a handful of classics available for purchase on the platform with beloved characters like Arthur and Garfield.
Unfortunately, if you’re looking for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Prime Video, you’re out of luck. The classic was acquired by Apple TV+, where it’s now streaming exclusively.
Before (or after) you dive into all that turkey and stuffing, you’re going to need some festive entertainment to se the mood. Here are seven Thanksgiving shows available for free or to purchase on Prime Video to keep you and your kids entertained on Thanksgiving Day.
Move over Charlie Brown, Arthur is the new Thanksgiving king in town. This one-hour holiday special follows the famed aardvark and his family as they prepare for their holiday feast. But, in the truest television fashion, things go very wrong: Arthur’s dog, Pal, goes missing and D.W. grows skeptical of her visiting aunt’s intentions. Will this ruin Thanksgiving Day? Tune in to find out.
Watch An Arthur Thanksgiving on Prime Video
The Looney Tunes Thanksgiving special is a 2-in-1 treat, starting with “Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet,” which sees the eponymous character giving faulty advice at a diet clinic as Thanksgiving nears. Next, “Daffy Duck’s Thanks-for-giving Special” follows Daffy as he learn s the real meaning of “thanks” after deciding that he’s the most important creature in the world. These two festive episodes include valuable lessons about community and sharing, all while offering plenty of laughs.
Watch A Looney Tunes Thanksgiving on Prime Video
Originally broadcast in 1989, Garfield’s Thanksgiving follows the temperamental cat as he is put on a strict diet after a vet expresses concern for his health. Things only get worse when Jon invites the vet to their home for Thanksgiving dinner. This fun special contains many hijinks, plus a sweet romance.
Watch ‘Garfield’s Thanksgiving’ on Prime Video
Technically, this one is a Halloween special. But what’s one big thing that Halloween and Thanksgiving have in common? Pumpkins! And that’s exactly what the titular mouse uses to get around during the busy season. If You Give A Mouse A Pumpkin is the perfect family-friend show to turn on while putting your finishing touches on your pumpkin pie.
Watch If You Give A Mouse A Pumpkin on Prime Video
Get ready for an emotional ride with this Cartoon Network favorite! Regular Show’s Thanksgiving episode (Season 5, Episode 13) follows Mordecai and Rigby as they try to save Thanksgiving after ruining the turkey. With no poultry prepared for the big feast, the duo set off to win a prized Turducken.
Stream Regular Show on Prime Video
The Wild Kratts follows real-life brothers Chris and Martin Kratt as they educate their viewers on wild animals. The show is a blend of live-action and animation, and has a special Thanksgiving episode in Season 5 which sees the brothers focusing on wild turkeys. The animation bit transforms into a wild adventure as the resident chef hunts for the largest turkey in the forest.
Watch Wild Kratts on Prime Video
While preparing for the Thanksgiving Day parade and dinner, the Pirate Piggies accidentally float away on Dora’s float. Our favorite adventuring duo, Dora and Boots, race to rescue them before the festivities are ruined. This special would make an excellent pre-game for the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Watch Dora’s Thanksgiving Parade on Prime Video
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