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From ”Don’t Worry Darling“ to ”Hocus Pocus 2“ and beyond
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2022 promises a bevy of new films headed our way, from blockbusters to indies to superhero sequels and beyond. As studios try to shake off the pandemic lull, buoyed by the success of films like “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Top Gun: Maverick,” a significant number of new releases are due to hit theaters and streaming services in 2022.
Below, we’ve rounded up a calendar of notable new release films for the entirety of 2022. These range from sequels (“Avatar 2”) to superhero pics (“Black Adam”) to originals (“Don’t Worry Darling”) to prestige dramas (“The Fabelmans”), and this calendar will be updated frequently throughout the year to reflect the most current information. We have also denoted streaming releases where applicable.
Check out our list of 2022 movies below.
Aug. 5
Aug. 31
Sept. 2
Sept. 7
Sept. 8
Sept. 9
Sept. 13
Sept. 16
Sept. 23
Sept. 30
Oct. 7
Oct. 14
Oct. 21
Nov. 2
Nov. 4
Nov. 11
Nov. 18
Nov. 23
Nov. 24
Dec. 9
Dec. 14
Dec. 16
Dec. 21
Dec. 23
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