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We barely scratch the surface.
Once you conquer the steep learning curve, you can conquer the world.
I would have used the ‘S’ word but my editors said no.
Nintendo’s decision-making is as random as it gets.
Somehow, this comparison was not contrived by us in order to write a grabby title.
The leaves are getting orange and brown instead of green and brown. The summer heat is dying down to cooler warmth. Pumpkin spice lattes are in season even though you technically could have them whenever you want. You can also make Thanksgiving dinner at any time if you’d like. Seasons aren’t really a thing anymore when it comes to food. You can get anything anywhere at any time. But we digress.
As the world turns, new shows and movies come to HBO Max in spite of the fact that many shows and movies were taken off of HBO Max (seriously, find Infinity Train somewhere and watch it). So why not grab a cup of pumpkin spice whatever and watch some content while you still can?
Here are some facts about the various movies and TV shows coming to HBO Max this month (unless Warner Bros. Discovery decide they need another tax write-off).
The Guardian
Screen Rant
Screen Rant
Forbes, The Ringer
The Atlantic
Classic Movie Hub
Film School Rejects
Eighties Kids
Smithsonian Magazine
The Hollywood Reporter
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Some of them even won.
Including that ‘Lord of the Rings’ show that has the budget of a small nation
We mean weird in the wrong way, of course.
Hang on to your pearls.
It’s interesting how the words “fake” and “tethered” keep cropping up in Peele’s movies.
Everything you should know about this glorious series that almost didn’t happen.
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