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Despite fans on Reddit thinking these movies are great, they feel that the confusing, uninteresting, or irrelevant titles could have used a change.
Despite huge acclaim from critics, The Banshees of Inisherin may puzzle some fans with its odd title. Of course, this is not the first great movie that is somewhat challenged with a title that either confuses or fails to draw audiences.
Beloved classics like The Shawshank Redemption and underseen gems like Lucky Number Slevin are just some of the movies fans on Reddit have loved but that they admit could have chosen a better name. Whether it doesn't fit the story it tells or it is too strange to entice fans, these are some great movies with bad titles.
Shane Black is a master of the buddy-cop genre and he returned to this kind of story in The Nice Guys. Set in the 1970s, it follows an enforcer and a private eye who reluctantly team up to solve a missing person case.
The Nice Guys may not have been a box office hit, but fans have praised it enthusiastically while insisting that the movie deserves a sequel. But Redditor narutomanreigns also feels the title is "not particularly clever or representative of the film."
William Friedkin's Sorcerer is one of the great underrated movies of the 1970s and also one of the most pulse-pounding movies fans are likely to see. It follows a group of desperate men living in the Latin American jungles who agree to transport tracks filled with nitroglycerin across the dangerous terrain.
As more fans discover this wild adventure movie, its reputation as an overlooked classic is cemented. But Redditor earhere suggests the title is part of the reason for its obscurity "because there wasn't a sorcerer in the movie or any magic."
Despite a cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, and Ben Kingsley, Lucky Number Slevin came and went without much attention. Josh Harnett stars as the victim of a case of mistaken identity who finds himself in the midst of a war between two rival gangsters.
The movie has since found an audience and become a cult classic thanks to its fun dialogue and clever twists. But one Redditor calls it a "Great movie I almost dismissed because of the title." What seems to be an attempt at a play on words just comes off as confusing.
The blistering war movie The Deer Hunter was the winner of several Oscars, including Best Picture. It tells the story of a group of friends from a small blue-collar town who go off to face the horrors of the Vietnam War and struggle to overcome their experiences when the war is over.
Though they acknowledged the movie's brilliance, Redditor OneEyedCoral admitted they "don't remember any deer hunting." While there are certainly some hunting sequences in the movie, the title still doesn't prepare audiences for a harrowing war movie.
Edgar Wright brought his talents for humor and stylish action to the wildly fun crime movie, Baby Driver. It follows a young man who works as a getaway driver for heists and who listens to music to help hone his skills.
The movie is a funny comedy as well as a thrilling action movie with some of the best sequences in Wright's career. But Redditor Lokcet didn't feel as though the title sold that kind of movie as they expected "some garbage slapstick comedy where a baby escapes and drives cars."
While there had been plenty of laughs in fantasy movies in the past, The Princess Bride approached the genre in a fun tongue-in-cheek way that fans loved. It tells the epic love story between a swashbuckling hero and the princess who is betrothed to an evil ruler.
Along with being one of the most quotable movies ever made, it is also something fans revisit again and again. But one Redditor finds that some people dismiss it "because they assume it's along the lines of a Disney movie similar to Cinderella" with the title not offering a clue to its uniqueness.
David Fincher's Se7en is a grim and gruesome crime thriller that haunts audiences long after it's over. It follows two detectives on the trail of a serial killer whose murders and methods are inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.
The movie shocks audiences with its grisly mystery and its iconic twist ending, making it a masterpiece of the genre. But the stylized title is not for everyone as one Redditor humorously points out that it read like "Sesevenen."
As Halloween Ends looks to bring the franchise to a close, fans might have forgotten that there was a Halloween movie without Michael Myers. Halloween III: Season of the Witch is an unrelated story set around the spooky season and centering on a deadly plot involving children's Halloween masks.
The movie has earned a solid reputation as a fun standalone horror story that offers something different. But many fans were annoyed by the lack of the iconic horror movie masked killer and Redditor The_Social_Introvert suggested that the movie works better if they just "remove the Halloween from the title."
Based on a short story by Stephen King, The Shawshank Redemption tells the story of Andy Dufresne, a self-proclaimed innocent man who is sentenced to life in the titular prison. But through his friendship with a fellow inmate, Andy finds hope in this unexpected place.
Ranking as the best movie of all time on IMDb, it is clear that The Shawshank Redemption has overcome its difficult title. Still, Redditor klsi832 acknowledges that the title doesn't offer much to "people who know nothing about it" which could explain why it was initially a flop.
Though it's more widely known as one of the biggest box office bombs of all time, John Carter has been defended by many fans as actually being a fun sci-fi adventure. It follows the titular character, a soldier from the Union army who finds himself transported to Mars where he ends up in the middle of a war.
There are a lot of factors that contributed to the movie's failure at the box office, but the title is certainly one of them. Redditor iamlocknar points out what many others did, that the story's original title of John Carter of Mars "has a better snap to it" and might have attracted more audiences.
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