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When playing pretend gets complicated.
Romantic comedies are the one genre no one can hate. Yet, despite their repeated use of the same tropes to narrate a slightly different story each time, they seem to be popular among people of all ages. One such trope is the fake relationship trope, which never seems to get old. From the renaissance era, Bridgerton, to Netflix's recent release, Purple Hearts, the fake dating trope adds spice to every bland story.
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From staging a relationship to fulfill an inheritance clause to pretending to be enchanted for an ex's wedding, fake dates are the way to go. While the trope is prone to receive mixed reactions from various people, the sweet promise of happily ever afters seems to win their hearts overall.
As a high school senior, the worst thing one could ever be is a DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). So when Bianca (Mae Whitman) realizes she's the DUFF of her group, and it is explicitly brought to her attention, she is devastated. For once in her life, she wants to change, and the only person who can help her is the guy she despises: her childhood friend Wesley (Robbie Amell).
They make a pact to help each other, her helping him with his grades, but it isn't long before the waters of friendship are tested, and the DUFF becomes the queen of his heart. Based on the actual teen slang, The DUFF is an interpretation of the social differences among high school students wrapped up in a rather delightful comedy.
Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is a writer for the composure magazine who writes "How To" articles. Bored of her monotony and fueled by her friend's annoying habits, she decides to write a piece on "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" and tries to prove her point by dating a man and imitating her friend's behavior.
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Advertising executive Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey), on the other hand, is looking to work for a diamond company. When challenged by his boss, he bets he could get any woman to fall in love with him. Together, they make a cute couple, but hearts will soon shatter as things get messy. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is the perfect movie to watch when looking for dating advice, especially the don'ts.
High school senior Brooks (Noah Centineo) is excited to go to Yale, except he can't afford it. So in a mission to support his dreams, he agrees to pretend to be Celia's (Laura Marano) boyfriend until an idea strikes him. He develops an app and agrees to be a plus one to other girls with a personality of their choosing. A business-minded addition to his CV and quick cash? No way he's saying no to it. But when Celia and Brook decide to go on one last date to make their crushes jealous, they'll realize maybe their affections have found a new focus.
The Perfect Date is indeed a perfect rom-com with cute yet relatable scenes. Noah's appearance as a regular kid with high hopes rather than an arrogant, popular jock is a fresh change that fans can't help but swoon over.
Having a significant other is great. But, you know what's better: Your significant other also being your best friend. And that's precisely what hardworking digital marketer Peter (Michael Urie) might learn in this rom-com. When Peter's boyfriend breaks up with him just before the holidays, he knows he can't go home without a date.
Peter convinces his best friend, Nick (Philemon Chambers), to pose as his boyfriend over Christmas at his parent's house in New Hampshire. But he doesn't know yet, that he might be getting a side of forever with his order. A recent addition to delightful Christmas romances, Single All The Way is a movie worth its time in space – boundless, per modern physics.
Margaret (Sandra Bullock) has a record of treating her employees terribly, especially her assistant, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). So when her visa to stay in the USA expires, and she is on the verge of being deported to Canada, Andrew has no reason to help her, much less pretend to marry her so she can get citizenship. But in an exciting turn of events, he does just that.
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An enemies-to-lovers romance, The Proposal is a hilarious rom-com that will have viewers clutching their stomachs as they roll around the floor, laughing. While Sandra and Ryan's chemistry does wonders, the characters' disdain for each other makes it even better.
When most of the maid of honors should be rejoicing, Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) dreads the day she has to return to her parents' house in London for her sister's marriage. If her being dateless isn't scary enough, her ex-fiance is the best man at said wedding. So she enlists the help of suave escort Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulroney) to pose as her fake boyfriend.
Of course, in an ambiance of romance and sizzling chemistry, the lines between the fake and real start to blur. A reverse Pretty Woman, The Wedding Date is one of the most remarkable movies in the fake dating genre that should definitely be considered essential viewing.
Jilted at the altar by his wife-to-be, Daniel "Danny" Maccabee (Adam Sandler) has a wild, drunken one-night stand with a woman he meets at a bar. Twenty-three years later, he's a thriving plastic surgeon who developed the pattern of feigning to be in a happy marriage to hook up with women and avoid commitment. One of these times, he convinces his assistant Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Aniston) to act like his to be divorced wife.
A modern, more fascinating remake of the film Cactus Flower, Just Go With It is a romantic comedy featuring a hilarious workplace relationship. While many critics were disappointed with the film, they all praised Jennifer Aniston for her incredible acting and expert comic timing.
Based on Jenny Han's book series of the same name, To All The Boys I've Loved Before tells the story of Lara Jean (Lana Condor), who is trying to execute damage control after her little sister sends out secret letters Lara wrote to her crushes over the years. She decides to team up with one of the recipients, Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo), who's looking to make his girlfriend jealous.
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While the happily ever after is somewhat guaranteed, it's exhilarating to see Peter and Lara realize their feelings toward the movie's end. The best attribute of their relationship, however, is how they genuinely enjoy each other's company and fall effortlessly in love without anything feeling forced.
Undoubtedly, everyone has watched or at least heard of Pretty Woman once in their lifetime. Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is a corporate raider who purchases businesses, selling them for a profit. When his girlfriend breaks up with him hours before a business trip, he hires sex worker Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) to be his fake girlfriend after a drunken night. They soon find themselves both wanting to change their initial deal.
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While it may need some updates to suit modern audiences, it is a classic through and through. A legendary rom-com that inspired numerous others, Pretty Woman, serves as a love story that transcends money and social differences.
Sloane Benson (Emma Roberts) is tired of her family's constant nagging over the holidays. Meanwhile, her mother is setting her up with people she thinks Sloane should date. So when she meets Jackson (Luke Bracey) while they're both returning presents they received, they devise a plan to be each other holidates or platonic plus ones for a whole year. But their feelings might take a romantic turn as the year progresses.
A modern and riveting take on the fake relationship trope, Holidate features two complete strangers falling into an agreement that might lead them to realize that they're perfect for each other.
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