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From iconic classics like Pulp Fiction to riveting thrillers like Se7en, Redditors have shared their interesting picks for the best films ever made.
The latest entry in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World Dominion, premiered to mixed reviews earlier this year. It doesn’t live up to the original 1993 film, which is often cited among the best movies ever made, especially among fans on Reddit.
The platform’s users have made it easy to discover the must-see films, as Redditors have shared what they believe to be the best movies of all time. These include legendary classics like Pulp Fiction and award-winning thrillers like Se7en, with almost all of the films mentioned having numerous accolades.
Pulp Fiction is widely considered director Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece, with the renowned comedy crime film telling different stories about Los Angeles’ criminal underworld. Iconic characters like Vincent Vega, Mia Wallace, and Butch Coolidge are introduced through the movie, which depicts their wild misadventures ranging from collecting a mysterious briefcase to saving someone from a heroin overdose.
KneeHighMischief writes how the movie “is the first thing that popped into” their “head upon reading the question” about “what comes into” their “head when someone asks” them what “the best movie of all time” is. With its unique plot, vibrant characters, and stylistic visuals, it’s not surprising that it’s a fan favorite.
Set in the future on the commercial space tug Nostromo, Alien is centered on a crew’s fight for survival after an extraterrestrial creature boards their ship. This is the result of a creepy encounter with an abandoned spacecraft, which leads to the alien’s intrusion on the Nostromo.
It’s the best film ever for Green_Impression2429 because it’s “the only horror movie that scares” them “every time” they “watched it.” Despite being released over 40 years ago, it holds up incredibly well thanks to its brilliant use of atmosphere, sound, and practical effects to achieve its terrifying sequences.
The whimsical rom-com Amélie tells the story of the titular character, a loner who spent most of her childhood isolated from others by her parents. When she lands a job in an idyllic Parisian café, she appreciates the small things and makes it her mission to bring happiness to others in creative and thoughtful ways.
The Redditor angel19999 doesn’t have to say much beyond “Amélie” on a post about the best films of all time. The feel-good movie hits all the marks, with its artsy visuals, charming soundtrack, and a well-written protagonist who’s easy to root for.
Often cited alongside the best sci-fi movies ever made, Children of Men takes place in a dystopian future where decades of infertility have caused society to crumble. Asylum seekers flock to the United Kingdom, the last country with a functioning government. This is all seen through the civil servant Theo Faron’s eyes, as he embarks on a quest to help a refugee named Kee.
When asked for their best movie of all time, neonraisin chooses the thought-provoking film because it “just seems like everything’s in it effortlessly.” From its convincing world-building and powerful characters to its moving message and tear-jerking conclusion, it should be considered essential viewing.
Jurassic Park is a film that needs no introduction. Set on the fictional Isla Nublar, it portrays the disastrous events that follow after a shutdown of the park’s safety precautions and facilities, which gives the de-extinct dinosaurs freedom to roam and hunt the island’s visitors and resident scientists.
Gbaby245 details how they “love the original storyline” because it’s “well written, and the original dino creations look so much better than CGI.” Many would agree with their opinion, given the low ratings of the more recent entries in the franchise, which just don’t come close to the unique viewing experience only the original can provide.
The comedy thriller film Parasite rightly became an international hit when it was first released, becoming an instant classic known for its jarring twist and powerful message. The movie is centered on a low-income family’s attempts at infiltrating a wealthy family’s home by posing as skilled workers.
In a thread about the best films of all time, MustachioBashio admits that they’re not sure if “this is recency bias but Parasite” may be their “number 1 now.” The film’s original plot and shocking midpoint twist quickly became a global topic of discussion, with the director and cast eventually earning awards for their work.
When Joel Barish discovers that his girlfriend Clementine Kruczynski had her memories of him erased in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, he decides to do the same out of spite and anger. Large parts of the film are set inside Joel’s mind, as he experiences the erasure procedure by going through the worst and then best parts of his relationship with Clementine.
Ritapoo recounts how they “watched this when” they were “heartbroken and it hit” them “so hard” – they consider it “the best movie” they “have ever seen.” The heartbreaking film is an intimate portrait and fascinating perspective of a breakup, which becomes even more painful once Joel realizes too late that he doesn’t want to lose memories of the love of his life.
A talented getaway driver uses music to make sure he’s performing at his best in Baby Driver, but the trajectory of his life changes after he falls in love. The titular protagonist believes he can escape his life of crime, but the ruthless boss who controls him thinks otherwise.
The user Desperate_Wrap1501 feels the film “is mentioned less than other Edgar Wright movies but” they “honestly think it’s his best one.” They applaud “the little details” like the changing graffiti in the background, not to mention the killer soundtrack that elevated the entire movie to a whole new level of entertaining.
Often considered one of the best DreamWorks movies, How to Train Your Dragon birthed an entire franchise that has amassed a loyal fandom over the years. The original fantasy film takes place in a mythical Viking village where the awkward teen Hiccup hopes to prove his dragon slaying abilities by killing a rare Night Fury, which he ends up befriending instead.
The user nwdogr considers it the best film ever made because while “it doesn't contain any of the most jaw-dropping moments in movie history, […] as a package it is impeccable.” They go on to describe how it has an “amazing soundtrack, excellent voice acting, zero-fat script,” and is “heartfelt, genuine, consequential, rewatchable, and full of character development.”
Se7en is a popular psychological thriller film that tells the story of Detective David Mills who teams up with the experienced William Somerset to track down a serial killer. The murderer incorporates the seven deadly sins in his crimes, leaving grotesque scenes that only add to the pressure the authorities are already feeling.
A Redditor writes how “being a thriller fanatic,” they have to pick the movie as the best one of all time. Its brilliant story and genuinely surprising twist make it an unforgettable one, with amazing performances from its cast only making it more riveting and worth watching at least once.
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