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I get it. It’s really, really tempting to call 2017 in film a dumpster fire. As far as the 10 best movies of 2017 are concerned, at least thus far, coming up with a half-decent list can strike you as an impossible dream.
But in revisiting the year for myself, I was reminded once again that even if the year as a whole was disappointing, there are a number of small victories for good films to be found. I’ll even go so far as to say that I had to leave a couple of movies off the list. Quantity may not win the day for 2017, but quality has been steady. This list offers compelling evidence to that end.

If someone tells you originality is dead in film, then you need to show them Agnieszka Smoczynska’s surreal, beautiful The Lure.
Split poster
With Split, combining a feverish, relentless script with James McAvoy’s brutal, sympathetic monster, M. Night Shyamalan has his first compulsory film in quite some time.

Boasting some considerable production power behind it (including Studio Ghibli), The Red Turtle continues the evolution of animation as a visual/storytelling medium in spectacular fashion.
In focusing on his best qualities as an actor, and in working with filmmakers who understand how to package that in a film’s style and tone, Keanu Reeves is enjoying a resurgence highlighted by this phenomenal sequel to John Wick.

Tension that stays with you long after the movie is over is one of the great joys of watching movies in the first place. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore brings that feeling, along with one of the best dark comedy scripts of the year.

In a word? JesusfuckingChristwatchthismovie.
Wonder Woman screenshot
Controversies aside, as a pure entertainment vehicle, Wonder Woman, and Gal Gadot (and director Patty Jenkins, for that matter) is the magic DC has severely lacked in their film releases thus far. Pay attention, dudes. The girls are going to take it all away from you. If Wonder Woman is any indication of things, it’s about bloody time.

At least four close friends of mine believe Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to be the best MCU film to date. Until Black Panther gets here, I think I agree with my friends.
Logan movie
Setting the bar for what a superhero movie is capable of into an entirely new stratosphere, Logan may well be the best western of the decade. I’ll say it here and now: He deserves to win it for this performance regardless, but don’t be surprised if the Academy next year makes a desperate grab to be relevant, and gives Hugh Jackman a Best Actor Oscar.
Get Out Review
In equal measures, Jordan Peele’s Get Out is flawless entertainment, vicious social satire, and a film that also decided to change the horror genre, literally the most enduring genre in the medium, forever. Watching this, you are helpless to do anything but soak up the dread, which is intensified masterfully by Peele throughout, emanating from every haggard, fearful breath this movie draws.
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