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From The Incredibles to Sky High, these are the ten best movies like Paramount+’s Secret Headquarters.
With the recent release of Secret Headquarters, the streaming service Paramount+ is finally throwing its hat in the ring and getting on board with the superhero movie trend. Though superheroes are all the rage now, Secret Headquarters stands out as a family-friendly comedy that emphasizes themes about love and familial bonding.
From live-action epics like Sky High to beloved animated classics like The Incredibles, Secret Headquarters is in good company when it comes to hilarious superhero family films. Though plenty have tried, only the best films have successfully blended the genres and captured the same humorous spirit as Paramount's new film.
Director Robert Rodriguez made a surprising career turn in the early 2000s and produced some of the biggest children's blockbusters of the era, and We Can Be Heroes was an attempt to recapture that glory two decades later. After aliens kidnap all the earth's mightiest heroes, their children must band together to stop the menace.
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Made in Rodriguez's signature style, the film harkens back to a simpler era of superhero movies and has all the cheese that made movies like Spy Kids so great. Despite its aim at the younger audience, the film features a star-studded cast, including Pedro Pascal. Fans of Secret Headquarters will get a kick out of the movie because it is also about children stepping up to become unlikely heroes.
Years before the current wave of superhero dominance at the box office, Sky High got ahead of the trend and cleverly spoofed the genre. The film centers around a teen who is the child of two famous superheroes, and it chronicles his struggles to be accepted while attending a superhero high school.
With many great and charismatic characters, Sky High was a surprise from Disney and actually had a lot to say about superheroes in general. Like Secret Headquarters, the movie explores the relationship within a superhero family and has a strong coming-of-age influence as well. More importantly, the film also teaches a lesson about superhero clichés by showing that people with unconventional powers or "sidekicks" can be as much of a hero as any other person.
Clever twists on the superhero formula are hard to pull off, but Teen Titans Go! To The Movies did so in amazing fashion. After noticing that many superheroes are becoming Hollywood celebrities, the Teen Titans head to Tinseltown in hopes of becoming stars themselves.
While the show is known for its tongue-in-cheek humor, the film did an excellent job of stretching those concepts out to feature length. Though it may seem wildly different from Secret Headquarters on the surface, both deal with young people attempting to find their place and a wacky series of events always seeming to gum up the works.
DC's classic hero Shazam was not an easy character to squeeze into their somewhat dour DCEU franchise, so the film of the same name opted to go silly. After Billy Batson settles in with his new foster family, he finds himself beset with strange powers that allow him to transform into a superhero.
Generally recognized as one of the best superhero comedies, the film brought its classic premise to life with a fair amount of winking and nodding to the audience. Though it is far more raunchy than Secret Headquarters, it is nevertheless a great way for younger audiences to feel engaged in the story as Billy Batson is a crucial part of the superhero antics and emphasizes aspects of growing up and maturity.
The animated film Megamind set itself apart by telling its story from the perspective of a supervillain instead of a hero. The film follows the titular baddie as he finally vanquishes his biggest foe but finds that his life has no purpose without an enemy to do battle with.
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Though the film was hilarious, it also had a fair amount of existential analysis of the characters that viewers so often see in superhero stories. While it isn't as child-centric as Secret Headquarters, it is still a family-friendly tale of heroes and villains, and its humor is enough to delight viewers of any age.
Batman is perhaps the most celebrated superhero of all time, and there have been a wealth of great movies starring the caped crusader. The Lego Batman Movie continues that grand tradition and sees Bruce Wayne attempt to protect Gotham while also dealing with a young orphan that he accidentally adopted as his sidekick.
Robin's character is used as the audience's entry point in the story, and it shares that similarity with Secret Headquarters. Batman and Jack experience problems in their fatherly roles, and given their superhero lifestyle, they learn to become more open toward their younger peers. The film is brilliantly funny, and the Lego style doesn't detract from the awesome spectacle of a superhero movie.
Children's films often tell stories of young people, who find a way to accomplish something on their own, but Big Hero 6 bucked that trend by showing the importance of community. After a traumatic loss rocks his life, Hiro befriends a robot named Baymax, and together they join a group of young superheroes to fight evil.
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Secret Headquarters shares a few similarities with Big Hero 6, particularly dealing with the bonds of family and the importance of community when overcoming challenges. A typical practice in any Disney project, the film knows exactly how to tug at the audience's heartstrings, but it isn't without its fair share of exciting superhero action as well.
Pixar was on a roll when they released The Incredibles, and it is still one of the best films that the studio has ever produced. The movie centers on the Parr family, a group of superheroes who decide to come out of hiding in order to fight a new villainous menace.
Superhero families are a familiar trend between The Incredibles and Secret Headquarters, and both deal with themes of overcoming misconceptions about people. Each of the Parr family members has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only by working together that they can work to save the world – a similar dilemma that Jack and Charlie must face in Secret Headquarters.
Unlike Secret Headquarters which is explicitly about superheroes, The Iron Giant has comic book themes but isn't necessarily about crime-fighters. The story centers around a lonely young boy who befriends a friendly giant robot from space, and chronicles his quest to protect the robot from government agents who wish to destroy it.
Childhood can be a lonely time for many, and Iron Giant succeeded in bringing that theme to life in its gripping story. The art style is top-notch, and the mix of drama and comedy makes for a satisfying experience for younger viewers who want a similar lighthearted tone to Secret Headquarters.
Cinematically speaking, Spider-Man has gotten a pretty good reputation, and movies starring the wall-crawler can usually be counted on to succeed. Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse follows young Miles Morales as he becomes his universe's Spider-Man, and he goes on a quest with various web-slingers from other universes.
Lyrical in its execution, the film really understands the Miles' youthful experience and doesn't condescend to its younger members. Similar to Secret Headquarters, the real power is in the hands of the youth, and a bulk of the story is overcoming the idea that children are incapable of being heroes. Outside all that, the film is simply a fun time and one of the most clever uses of animation in the superhero sub-genre.
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