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2022 is nearly over, and there were a ton of smash-hit movies to come out in the year. These TikTok creators can help discern what’s worth watching!
The year 2022 is coming to a close, but there are still many movies out there that have yet to be released, like the Black Adam movie featuring Dwayne Johnson and the highly anticipated, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Of course, until then it's up to folks to find some other forms of entertainment.
But rather than looking up movies and seeing which are the best by rating, a less impersonal experience could be derived from listening to the experiences of some of the most renowned creators on TikTok.
With over three million followers, @maddikoch reviews have proven to be extremely popular with the world. Despite the small-time restriction, Maddi still manages to make sure that her explanations are clear and concise, fitting in as much information as possible. She is often sponsored by companies like Netflix and invited to see and review films before they've come out.
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Apart from that, she is even an AMC+ partner who gets sponsored to promote their app and its content. As for her content specifically, she tries her best not to spoil the movie she is reviewing, a very appreciated sentiment her fans share. Though be aware that she only seems to post reviews on movies she enjoys or doesn't blatantly dislike.
Compared to other film reviewers on the platform, @muny_rags seems to take a more analytical approach to finer detail. Aside from just reviewing television shows and films, this content creator points out certain aspects of films and explains why they are important or why they are detrimental to the film as a whole.
He even breaks down some of the best action films of all time and how they aid films both narratively and visually. All in all, Muny Rags is a unique creator on the platform that more and more people are taking note of as time goes on. His status as a movie writer and director certainly aids him in that department.
@cinema.joe is a movie reviewer popular for dishing out film recommendations to his loyal fans. His most popular method of doing so is by selecting a theme, such as horror or romance, and making a collection to present for each genre. He doesn't rush his explanations, and he speaks in a clear voice.
The titles for his videos are descriptions and are especially useful for anyone who wants to avoid spoilers (as he labels his spoiler-free reviews as such). He is also known for giving analytics regarding the rankings of where movies should be placed in a specific genre and some facts that stand more as trivia that some people may not have known.
@tmi_7 account went through a large change after finding success in movie recommendations; before then it was an account that mostly catered to reviewing near enough everything else.
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Due to the fact that it was concise and short, Mr. Movie first recommendation video found immediate success, garnering over 5 million views. Since then, he's done dozens of such videos, both for Netflix and Hulu recommendations. He even does reviews for trailers as well.
@sydneyvolpe is a small up-and-coming content creator with a bright future ahead. Every video she posts radiates positivity as she adamantly gives her opinions and, ultimately, her review on the works she's watched. Better yet, she tends to review films that many people may not yet know of, making her the perfect creator to find new films.
She also reviews some of the best movies of 2022, where she isn't afraid of giving her opinions on whether she found a movie good or bad. Neither does she tend to spoil a movie, placing importance on a moviegoer's first time.
If someone is looking for a film enthusiast who creates each video with a hint of passion, @sethfilmreviews is just the right creator for the job. Aside from movie reviews, he tends to also update his audience with news of upcoming films and releases. That in itself makes him a sort of "one-stop-shop" when it comes to finding a good film to watch.
As mentioned before, he is a very passionate creator when it comes to doing what he loves. He speaks in a strong tone making him easily understandable in his content. Seth Film Reviews even posts rankings of genres or series he's watched and some movies of 2021 now releasing in 2022.
@stoney_tha_great is a great movie reviewer for those who want a more relaxed experience when it comes to receiving their film news. His soothing voice in tandem with the neutral music in the background makes for a great environment to digest the information he's giving out. Apart from that he also partakes in analyzing scenes of movies as well.
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His selections aren't solely dedicated to modern media, as often he'll look back at the classics and give his opinions. He often reviews trailers for upcoming films or shows as well, such as the trailer for the up-and-coming The Last of Us series. Despite being a sizable creator he doesn't fail to respond to comment feedback either, making him more personable to other creators.
In terms of how personable a content creator can be when it comes to movie reviewing, @cinemonika is a high contender for first place. She is a positive content creator who gives recommendations for both western films and anime films. She also tends to do a few scenarios or more aptly hypothetical movies.
She's a rather outspoken person who isn't afraid of giving her opinion, even when it seems to contest with the common user. In comparison to other accounts like her, her recommendations tend to be uncommon. Though she doesn't fail when it comes to why her audience should watch them, as she offers short reviews for the ones she's particularly outspoken on.
As the name implies, @moviesandstuff14 is an account dedicated to films and the news regarding them. In particular, this account focuses on the most anticipated releases whilst posting his reaction to their trailers if there are some. He also tends to rank popular series such as the X-Men films.
A particular set of films he made a list for in a video are the greatest slasher movies ever made (which is just in time for the spooky season too). His reviews tend to have a bit of a comedic side to them with a few of his videos being somewhat skits. Though that doesn't mean his reviews lack sincerity, as he spends a large chunk of time dedicated to what his impressions were when watching a film.
@kodak_cameron is a popular movie reviewer with a following of over 1.4 million. It's not too difficult to see why either, with each of his videos cutting out the useless prattling and instead focusing on what people clicked for in the first place.
His videos are usually around the minute mark, with no distracting visuals appearing on-screen that may take away from a user's experience. He also does movie recommendations on the side, each video themed around a specific genre or idea. And on top of that, he sometimes does analysis' of the movies and outside factors like marketing and promotion.
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