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10 Best Horror Movies To Watch After Bones And All – Screen Rant

From Raw to Fresh, these films explore the horrifying tendencies of human desires in similar ways to the recent Bones and all.
Finally, the time has come for the audience to see the much anticipated Luca Guadagnino film Bones and All starring Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet. This coming-of-age cannibalistic story received a warm welcome at the Venice Film Festival and praise from critics.
The genre of cannibal film has been around for over 50 years and still holds a reputation for creating a lot of controversy because of its horrifying nature and explicit graphics. In recent years films like Raw (2016), Fresh (2022), and now Bones and All (2022) gave the genre a new life and gained more acceptance among the audience. A lot of films of these films combine themes of coming-of-age, love, acceptance, and passion and top it off with some gory images and disturbing primeval human behavior.
In 2016 Julia Ducournau’s French-Belgian drama Raw made a lot of noise. It shook up cinema scenery with an intriguing story of a reserved vegetarian teenager Justine who studies at a brutal veterinary school where she’s forced to find her footing and power through blood and flesh. Just like Bones and All, this is a story about passion and inner desires without the road trip component to move the plot.
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Over the years Raw has become one of the signature films in the cannibal genre because of its boldness, rawness, and exploration of the freedom of giving in to one’s true desires. Justine's journey from a timid frail pale girl that is being thrown around by the world to a relentless unstoppable woman who grabs and bites in hard into whatever she wants is both terrifying and inspiring.
This early 2000s horror coming-of-age story was made by the co-creator and the producer of BBC’s TV series Orphan Black John Fawcett and Karen Walton. If Bones and All tests the connection between two lovers, Ginger Snaps explores the relationship between two morbid sisters, and its development after one of them, Ginger, turns into a werewolf, a transformation that in reality would take the Ginger Snaps makeup team about 5 hours.
The supernatural element is quite common in cannibalistic stories as a tool to explain sudden transformations within the character, either emotional or physical. In Ginger Snaps the themes of feminine maturity, gothic vibes, horror, dark humor, and the complicated sibling relationship come together and create one of the best werewolf movies ever made.
Directed by the master of neo-noir thrillers Nicolas Winding Refn, The Neon Demon tells a fascinating and hauntingly beautiful story of an aspiring 16-year-old model Jesse who is too timid and shy for the brutal modeling industry up until she’s not. The harsh brutality of human behavior tests the main character in The Neon Demon just like it tests the love between Maren and Lee in Bones and All.
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On the road to the discovery of her inner power and owning her natural young beauty, the character of Jesse encounters a lot of jealousy from her fellow older colleagues. The film with gorgeous cinematography, explicit shots, and a haunting soundtrack explores what girls are willing to do to be on top of the modeling industry and stay forever young.
Jennifer’s Body is an iconic satirical teen horror comedy about a young high school girl named Jennifer who becomes a true rebel after a demonic possession and goes on a killing spree while her timid and shy best friend Anita "Needy" Lesnicki tries to stop her.
Jennifer likes to kill boys and is willing to go even further than that to prove what her true object of love is. Love is the driving force for Jennifer's action, just like it is for the characters of Bones and All. Jennifer’s Body has become a cult classic in the horror genre because of its edginess, snappy dialogue, compelling performances from Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, and empowering message of self-realizing one’s desires.
A re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, The Lure is a female-directed Polish horror movie that tells a story about two mermaids that become singers in a nightclub. When Silver falls in love with one of the club's band members, she’s faced with an impossible choice. Again, just as in Bones and All, love tries to surpass all the other human emotions in The Lure.
Director Agnieszka Smoczyńska beautifully depicts an unusual take on the life of mermaids, bringing together folklore, sexual desires, horror, and love. The film plays around with its own genre and delivers a unique and twisted mermaid story, very different from Disney's animated version with its own lessons.
Directed by beloved French filmmaker Claire Denis, Trouble Every Day tells a story of a neuroscientist Dr. Léo Sémeneau who cleans up his wife’s violent murders, and Dr. Shane Brown who becomes interested in his idol's whereabouts.
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With Bones and All being created by Italian director Luca Guadagnino, it is evident that European filmmakers really know how to construct compelling and thought-provoking stories in the genres of erotic thriller and horror. Trouble Every Day is another example of a bold film that explores desire and terror and poses the question of what it takes to protect the people you love.
One of Hulu's best horror movies, this year’s black comedy is a fresh original romantic story about the hardships of the modern dating world. When Noa ultimately gives up on finding a man on dating apps, she encounters a near-perfect Steve at the grocery store and lets him in right away, only to realize it was the biggest mistake of her life.
Fresh is another addition to a brilliant lineup of 2022 horror movies. This piece of cinema is a lot closer to exploring the modern hardships of love than Bones and All, which shows a much more old-school poetic kind of love and passion.
A fascinating Chinese feature, Dumplings, directed by Fruit Chan explores the meaning of beauty for a woman that once had it and lost it. She’s willing to go to extremes only to go back to the precious look of the young version of herself.
The title of the film combined with the cannibal film genre suggests exactly what one might think when putting those two things together. Just like Bones and All, Dumplings is a smart and thought-provoking piece of cinema that can potentially spoil the appetite for a long time but feed the brain with interesting concepts.
The post-apocalyptic horror movie, Delicatessen, is set in a version of France where the food shortage issue forces the butcher and apartment buildings landlord Clapet to murder random jobseekers in order to provide meals for tenants.
Love gets in the way of the perfect scenario when the butcher’s daughter Julie develops a relationship with Loison who is supposed to be Clapet’s next victim. Here, like in Bones and All, love is tested in the most brutal and terrifying ways. The movie is surprisingly esthetically pleasing, has an interesting narrative structure, and is wrapped in surrealism.
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