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10 Best Female-Led Buddy Comedy Movies, According To IMDb – Screen Rant

From classics like Baby Mama and Thelma & Louise to buddy comedies for a new generation, these are the best female-led buddy comedies to watch now.
Buddy comedies are oftentimes synonymous with male-led movies and shows, but that is no longer the case, as more and more funny women step in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Female-led buddy comedies have been on the rise in recent years, especially for younger moviegoers, with the introduction of movies like Booksmart and Do Revenge.
From powerhouse comedy duos like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to more unsuspecting hilarious duos like Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, these buddy comedy movies succeed because of the immense chemistry between the leads and their ability to make audiences laugh. The best are rounded up by their IMDb scores here.
Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon star opposite each other in the hilarious comedy The Banger Sisters, which marked Hawn's last acting role until 2017. After being fired from her bartending job, Suzette decides to pack up and pay a visit to her best friend, whom she hasn't seen in 20 years, only to discover the former rock groupie now lives an uptight, conservative lifestyle.
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Over the course of the visit, Suzette helps Lavinia reconnect with her wilder side while Lavinia helps Suzette tame hers. It's their opposite personalities and reluctance to change that makes The Banger Sisters such a great buddy comedy.
Unsuccessful in getting pregnant and adopting a child on her own, successful businesswoman Kate decides to hire a surrogate to carry the baby she so desperately wants to have. Enter Angie, a wild and free spirit young woman. Things get complicated when Angie ends her longtime relationship and moves in with Kate, all while pretending to be pregnant with her baby.
Not only is Baby Mama hilarious based solely on the premise, but it also reunited powerhouse SNL alumni Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who have amazing chemistry on screen. The opposite personalities of these characters, mixed with the hijinks that come from Angie lying about her pregnancy, make this a great buddy comedy.
After landing the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at a music festival, Ryan decides to reconnect with her three best friends by inviting them to come with her, turning the business trip into a fun vacation. However, Ryan learns that mixing business with pleasure might not have been the best idea when her friends decide to take her out to get over her cheating husband.
While buddy comedies usually only revolve around two leads, Girls Trip upped the stakes by centering its story around four best friends. This allowed for more chemistry and more shenanigans which made the movie even funnier than it would have been if there were only two main characters.
Do Revenge might not be billed as a traditional buddy comedy, but there is no denying Drea and Eleanor are the revenge duo of everyone's dreams. It centers on two unlikely friends who team up in the Netflix movie to get revenge on each other's bullies who have ruined their lives.
While Do Revenge is more of a dark comedy than a buddy comedy, there's no denying that Drea and Eleanor make a great, hilarious, and chaotic team. From plotting revenge and backstabbing each other to reuniting once more and riding off into the sunset together, Drea and Eleanor are the buddy comedy duo for Gen-Z.
After walking in on her estranged best friend taking a pregnancy test at school, Bailey and Veronica set out on a cross-country road trip to obtain an abortion since their state of Missouri requires parental consent to have the procedure done.
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On their journey, Veronica and Bailey get themselves into all sorts of hilarious shenanigans that have them relying on each other to get them out. From pawning engagement rings and driving a somewhat stolen car to hitchhiking and fighting about their past, Unpregnant leaves no cliche unturned but gives them all a Gen-Z twist.
Uptight and arrogant FBI agent Sarah Ashburn is sent to Boston to complete a job that just might land her a promotion at work. While there, she meets the loudmouth and hot-headed Boston Detective Shannon Mullins, who is also working on the same drug dealer case. Together, the two must work together to take down a Boston mobster.
The Heatis a quintessential buddy-comedy that truly capitalizes on the opposite attracts dynamic between Sarah and Shannon. The comedy comes from the tension between the two and also the wild shenanigans they find themselves in.
Actress turned-director Natalie Morales helmed the buddy-comedy Plan B. The movie centers on Sunny, a sheltered teenager who is peer pressured into throwing a party and ends up losing her virginity. Regretting the decision, especially since she can't remember if they used protection, she and her best friend try to buy Plan B. When they are denied, they decide to road trip to the nearest Planned Parenthood states away.
Along the way, Sunny and Lupe get lost, attend a party for a friend Lupe's been communicating with online, and even buy unmarked pills from a man claiming to be selling plan B. Nothing says buddy comedy more than failed parties, shady drug deals, and best friends growing up.
Nearing rock bottom, Annie must put on a brave face when her lifelong best friend, Lillian, announces she is married and bestows the maid of honor title on Annie. Determined to give Lillian the best wedding planning experience ever, Lillian hits a snag when Lillian's husband's boss rears her wealthy head into the planning process.
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Though Bridesmaidsis considered an ensemble comedy, at its heart, it's a moody buddy comedy between Annie and Lillian. The movie is all about their friendship, the lengths they'll go to support each other, and the wacky scenarios they get themselves into — like getting food poisoning before dress fitting and hiding out the night before the wedding.
Overachieving high school seniors, Amy and Molly, think they're the only ones to have secured spots at prestigious universities. However, when they learn that their classmates have managed to get into good colleges and endlessly party, the best friends decide to cram on finale time. Only this time, they're cramming one final night of high school partying instead of cramming for a test.
From party hopping, trying drugs, and comforting best friend expectations, to racing to graduation to make their valedictorian speech, Booksmartis a heartwarming and hilarious movie that explores the relationship between two lifelong best friends.
Thelma & Louise is perhaps the original female buddy comedy and is certainly considered the best. Best friends Thelma and Louise's short fishing trip turns into them fleeing from the police when Louise shoots and kills a man who was trying to assault Thelma. On the run to Mexico, the two friends get into even more fun trouble than they thought was possible.
Like all the best buddy comedies, Thelma and Louise are polar opposites who help bring out each other's best sides. The movie has also become one of the best feminist movies of all time, largely because of the commentary it provides on Thelma's sexual assault.
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